What kind of services Advance Cash Loans provides?

We are a reliable loan matching service provider and not a lender or loan provider. We are here to match your requirements with the lenders according to your loan application. Our services are basically designed to process your information and helping you find the best lender based on your requirements and credentials.

What is your role in deciding rates and fees of the loan?

At Advance Cash Loans we cannot make any credit decisions, as we are not a direct lender. Therefore all major decisions on rates and fees, APR, loan amount, repayment tenure and other terms of the loan will be taken by lenders only. We are not responsible for any actions or inactions of the lenders.

How much processing fee do you charge?

At this website we do not charge any processing fee when you fill our application form. But lenders will charge a fixed fee in addition to interest rate for processing your loan application form.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is having legal age of eighteen years or more, who hold valid active bank account, who have citizenship of US and who also have regular source of income are eligible to apply.

How much payday loans online offers?

Upon approval of payday loans online you can freely borrow enough financial help that comes anywhere in between $100 to $1,000. Funds will be automatically deducted from your bank account when your next month payday arrives.

Why payday loans online is expensive?

Due to being provided for short time period only, lenders will charge these loans with high interest rate. APR on these loans will be also high as due to short term lending interest rates are calculated as an annual charge. So, you must always make sure to go for these loans only at times of exigency and try hard to pay them back on time as they are expensive.

Is there any restriction on usage of loan amount?

Lenders will not interfere on how you want to spend borrowed money on. You are free to cater any of your short term urgent needs on time that could be like payment for pending home rent, covering child's education fees, bank overdraft, unexpected medical bill, buy grocery material for home, pay for credit card dues or unpaid phone bills etc.

Is it time-consuming and hectic process to apply with Advance Cash Loans?

No, not at all! It will not take more than few minutes to fill in our online application form. In the form you just have to mention your basic personal details which will be kept safe with us. Your form will be processed by lenders and they will provide you quick response in no time.

Is it safe to apply with Advance Cash Loans?

Yes, definitely! We always use advanced security measures on our website to keep your personal information safe and confidential with us. We always make sure to maintain and safeguard your privacy and will never share your personal details with any third parties, without your consent.

How to contact you?

For contacting us you just have to fill our simple contact us form where you can mention your queries, complaints, feedback or suggestions and submit it. We will contact you with best answers in a short while. We offer round the clock services, please feel free to contact us any time.

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