How it Works

Advance Cash Loans is a best platform for the ones struggling with unpredicted fiscal urgency and are looking for a suitable loan deal that fit their requirements perfectly. Financial emergency pops up at any time in anyone's life, with no prior notification. With having only restricted monthly income to rely for all day to day needs, it becomes tough to save additional money every month for unexpected needs. Therefore, to handle such testing times applying for a loan seems to be a fruitful option. With our expertise services we will help you to find the most efficient loan deal with better rates and terms, with absolutely no hassle.

How we work?

We are neither a lender nor a loan provider. We work as intermediaries that bridges gap between you and the lender. We are here to provide you best of our services 24X7. Our services are basically designed to process your information and helping you find the most effective fiscal aid on the basis of your requirements and credentials. We cannot give any lending commitments to our customers as we are not a direct lender. Lenders use different terms and conditions and privacy policy which are not controlled by us. So, read them out carefully before signing any loan agreement with them. We are not responsible for any actions or inactions of the lenders on its network as all terms of the loan like rates and fees, loan amount, repayment tenure and APR will be decided by lenders only.

How to get started?

It will not take more than few minutes to get started with us at Advance Cash Loans. Our application process is designed in a very easy, fast and hassle free way. All you need is to fill in a simple and short online application form with the necessary details and submit it. Your form will be processed by the lenders and they will provide you quick response in no time. No processing fee included! No paperwork involved! 100% online application procedure! No personal visits required!

Who all can apply?

  • Anyone who has minimum age of eighteen years
  • Anyone who hold valid active bank account
  • Anyone who has regular employment proof
  • Anyone who has fixed monthly income
  • Anyone who has residency proof of US

How much I can borrow with payday loans online if I get approved?

Upon approval of these loans you can get hold on sufficient financial help that comes anywhere in between $100 to $1,000. The loaned money is required to pay off within short time period of 15 to 30 days, which generally comes on the eve of your next month payday. These loans are quite expensive as they come up with high interest rate and high APR. So, just make sure to pay them back within agreed time period to avoid late fee or additional interest charges.

What happens when I get approved?

After verifying your details and conducting credit check on you lenders will approve your loan. Once it is approved, the desired funds will be directly shifted to your bank account. You can then make use of approved money to cater any of your small urgent fiscal demands without any delay.

If you are still looking for more answers, please log in to our FAQ page!

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